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Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus

State Production Association for Fuel and Gasification “BELTOPGAS”
Joint-Stock Company “Peat Briquette Factory DITVA”

JSC «Peat Briquette Factory DITVA»

The Enterprise manufactures


Briquettes are an ecologically clean type of fuel that is non-toxic and fire- and explosion-proof in normal conditions. They conform to the requirements of Sanitary Norms and Regulations. Briquettes can be transported loose or packed 450-480 kg big bags. The briquettes are supplied to our customers in Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk and Gomel Oblasts, as well as Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Germany. Read more...



Wood charcoal made of floriferous (deciduous) trees is used for cooking on the grill, brazier and barbecue, and as a fuel for ovens and fireplaces. No soot appears during the charcoal burning. Read more




The natural organic fertilizer Bio-humus is a high-efficiency fertilizer made from peat and manure. It is used for improving the fertility of all types of soils, humus content increase, plant feeding. The fertilizer encourages an increase in yields of potato, vegetable and fruit and berry crops. Read more



C праздником 9 мая

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